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Assignment Example

Mr. E. Pass and his wife Mrs. Martha N. Pass crashed with their aircraft after it had been repaired by Shelby Aviation. After half year Mr. Max filed a case against Shelby Aviation claiming that they had broken, “Article 2 of the Uniform Commercial Code”. The UCC does not apply in this case, because Mr. Pass accepted the devices which were fixed to aircraft even though they were of low quality. Shelby could have fixed the devices under instruction of Mr. Pass hence no enough evidence for UCC to apply in the case.

In this case, both Randy and Bob were injured due to negligence. The Seat post broke and Bob felt down; this shows that the manufacturer manufactured substantial product, which did not ensure people safety. If the health club supervised people, Bob could not have mishandled the facilities. Due to negligence both manufacturer and the club are guilty and they should compensate. In the second case, Randy sued both Bob and club for negligence. In this case they do not have evidence to prove their innocence. Bob destroyed everything and the club failed to supervise

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